T-Mobile Text Messages Me

march 8, 2005

Some 65 hours into the Sidekick outage, T-Mobile sends out this text message to its Sidekick users:

Free T-Mobile Msg: We apologize for the service interruption. Voice calls and text messages are still functional. We're working urgently to restore full service.
Gee, thanks for the late news. It would have been better if the message included something about what's going on or an ETA on when we'll actually get service back. I am heading into the 72 hour mark of outage when I wake up in the morning. Right now my Sidekick II is doing the three dot dance meaning there is still no service. I am going to bed now and hoping that I'll be able to use my SKII on the Lightrail ride tomorrow morning. If not, T-Mobile will be getting another call from me to get a status and to see how they can further compensate me for four days of inconvenience.

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