72 Hours and Counting

march 9, 2005

Update 9:45pm: The G7 comes and goes intermittently. The connection is completely unstable and nothing works well at all. Us Sidekick users are heading into our fifth day of service outage. Update 3:30pm: I had the mystical G7 for a while (G7 = data on), most of my POP3 email got downloaded and sent to my SKII. AIM logged in by itself. The web did not work. And then I got a call. When the call was over, no data again. Back to the two dot dance. Looks like Danger maybe making progress, but the Sidekick services are still unstable. This is almost 80 hours into this outage and things are still unstable. We'll see how much longer it can last for. Update 12:15pm: Assuming that since Danger is located in Palo Alto, CA that they are referring to all times in PST, then they have missed their own deadline of "full service to be restored by tomorrow morning, March 9th" in last night's announcement (which of course was pulled a few hours after it was posted). Now, us Sidekick users have no timeline to when the data service will return. Danger has again gone dark on the issue. We all have our credits, but at this point, they don't quite help. This situation is getting completely out of hand and Danger needs to step up and let us know what's going on. Speculations on what has happened is running rampant in the blogosphere and Danger is not helping the situation by staying quiet. Update 10:30am: Just called T-Mobile about the outage, which is still going on. I told them that this was a true inconvenience and that the lack of productivity because of the outage is unacceptable. The guy offered to tack on another $10 credit (bringing my credits this month to $15) in order to compensate for the outage. I took it and am glad that T-Mobile is seeing that this outage is really affecting their customers and that they need to start taking care of us better. Am I still pissed that I have no service? Yea. But, I am not as pissed at T-Mobile since they seem to be taking care of me OK for the time being. Woke up this morning to my Sidekick II doing the two dot dance (= no service). I am heading into my 4th day of no Sidekick service. The Sidekick service is turning out to be more of a pain in the ass than being useful at this point.

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