Gran Turismo 4

march 14, 2005

I like GT4, but I still have the small niggling feeling that it is the same thing as GT3 except with upgraded graphics and some additions of non-core expanding features. The B-spec mode is OK and is a great money-maker, but doesn't add anything grand to the game. The upgraded graphics are really nice, though 1080i seems a bit too sharp to look real. The photo mode is a really fun addition. But, the game as a whole is still the same as GT3 -- same crazy AI that will crash into me when it is stringently trying to follow its line, the same lack of damage modelling, and so on. It wouldn't be so bad if they had gotten online play in, but its not in there. It took four years of polishing to get GT4, which is true to the word "polished" is a polished version of GT3, we'll have to see if GT5 is going to be another evolutionary version of GT3 or a true revolutionary upgrade. Still, GT4 is a great driving simulator, it is just not all it could have been.

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