Bored at Barnes & Noble

march 15, 2005

I am so bored at Barnes & Noble right now. My Solara need some new tires my dealer told me a few weeks ago when I took her in for a check up. Well, I have been putting it off for a little because...ok fine, I prcrastinated. Well, I got motivated by the whole sliding in the rain situation. So, I did some research on tires. Wayne at work recommended Costco since it is cheaper there and they have all sorts of "lifetime" features -- "and don't let them convince you to get the Kirkland brand tires!" he warned. I dropped off my car 45 minutes ago, have no ride to get home and am stuck at Barnes & Noble. Blogging on the Sidekick II and surfing the web. I think I'll get some yummy Costco pizza for dinner. Hope they finish soon.

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