My Own Wiki

march 22, 2005

I was looking at setting up a wiki awhile ago. The whole wiki idea intrigues me since it is kind of like a blog, but without the restraint of trying to make things timely -- in other words, I can just write all kinds of stuff in the wiki without it seeming like a diary entry. I couldn't find any wiki software that I liked. Some were too simple, some were too hard, some did not work, and mostly some did not have access control as I wanted. I finally stumbled on one named Wikka Wiki which has most of the features that I wanted without the bloat and side-effects. It runs nicely, I finally got a chance to get it installed and running. I am going to use my own wiki, Mookie's Place as a place for mind dumps and general writing -- not quick postings like the ones that I do here on the blog. Because of the possibility of wikispam, I am turning off all commenting and public access (to editing, but not reading). It will be a wiki for me to edit and share, but no one else can add. Sorry.

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