PSP Thoughts

march 25, 2005

I opened the box (along with taking pictures, which I'll post soon). I charged my PSP. And I turned it on to bask in the glow of the beautiful LCD screen, only to be shocked and annoyed by a piece of dust under the screen. It is where I can see it and I notice it a lot, but it doesn't show up well when I play games -- it is annoying nevertheless, and seems to be a common problem with PSPs. Thank goodness I don't have any dead pixels. I must say though, I am very impressed with the hardware and the gaming experience it provides. For all us Mac users, there is PSPware which makes it so easy to take along music, pictures and movies. It even backs up saved games and keeps old saved games also. It is a pretty nice piece of software that takes the work out of getting media onto the PSP. I have Need for Speed Underground Rivals and Metal Gear Ac!d as games. I like NfSUR a lot, it is pretty fun, the controls are a little touchy and wonky, but it is really fun to play (and they got rid of Brooke Burke, the storyline and the whole driving around-town aspect of Need for Speed Underground 2). I tried Metal Gear Ac!d last night, but not seriously. I have to find some time to truly get into the game since it looks like it will take some time (and lots of reading). More on the PSP later (and I will have lots to write about!)

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