Need for Speed Rivals

march 27, 2005

Need for Speed Underground Rivals is a great return for the series to its roots: Racing and car customization. The second game in the series was an overblown Brooke Burke-athon which, though the racing parts was good, sucked because of Brooke Burke and the stupid story -- the whole driving around a live city also stunk. With NFSUR it is all about the action and racing. There is no story in this game and that is a good thing because all I want to do is race. The graphics are pretty good and I like being able to do stupid things to the cars (personally, think the whole going nuts with decals, vinyls, neon running lights and 18" wheels on Neons is stupid). The controls are decent, but not as tight as they could be. There is no dead zone with the analog controller, so steering the car with that is next to impossible. This is the launch PSP game that I am playing most. Metal Gear Ac!d is still on the back burner for the time being.

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