American Idol

april 12, 2005

Ok, so I have been watching American Idol with my wife lately. I am not giong to talk about the performances, but I have to write about the judges. Randy needs to get a grip on the words "dude", "baby" and "man". He always calls the ladies "dude" and the guys "baby". Hello Randy! Try calling the ladies "baby" and the guys "dude". He uses the word "man" when addressing the women. Huh? Paula needs to go. She seems like she is drunk or high on drugs in all the latest episodes. She cannot say a bad thing about anyone and that doesn't work when she's a judge. I don't think she can tell a good note from a bad one. Lastly, Simon. Simon is the only guy who tells it like it is. Yes, he comes off brash and mean, but he tells it like it is. He is the only one on the show with any sense of reality.

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