3 Million Xbox 360s By Christmas 2005?

april 13, 2005

Some analysts believe that there will be 3 million Xbox 360s shipped by Christmas 2005. Notice the word is "shipped" not "sold". This is not just any analyst that is estimating, it is Goldman Sachs. But, I still have my doubts about the sales, initially. They estimate the cost of the Xbox 360 will be between $249 and $299, which in any other year is not too bad for a console. But, in 2005 when many people have already plunked down $249 for a PSP, will they still want to plunk down another $299 for an Xbox 360? I am going to wait, like I did with the original Xbox. I got my original Xbox for $13 through a deal with a class I took. It was well-worth the $13 and I got Halo cheaper too because it had already sold well. I'll save my $249 or $299 when the Xbox 360 comes out and wait till the price drops to $149 before I consider getting one. The $249 price I paid for a PSP broke my console-buying-budget already. I may skip the Xbox 360 for a while also as the PS3 should be coming along in 2006. Is this my anti-Microsoft side coming out again? A little bit. But, a lot of it is also my budget-conscious side speaking. To spend upwards of $500 a year on console machines is crazy and I am sure that parents across America will also take heed in October/November when the Xbox 360 is released. If junior already got a PSP earlier, there is no way junior is going to get a $299 Xbox 360. If it comes down to PSP or Xbox 360, well, it's a toss up that junior will have to figure out. I am sure Xbox fanboys and true video game enthusiasts with expendable cash will be waiting 40-hours in line to get an Xbox 360. For the rest of us, I think it is a matter of waiting till the prices drop.

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