Yahoo! vs. iTunes

may 11, 2005

Ok, when Napster released it's all-you-can-eat to-go service, I had my doubts about it (and still do). Napster's service is not going to make a dent in Apple's music monster iTunes Music Store. But, now there is a serious competitor to Apple and I think Apple needs to act fast. Yahoo! Music Unlimited is going to capture the hearts and minds of a lot of people because of its price: $5/mo for unlimited access to its library of over 1 million songs, to-go service for supported mobile players, and 79 cent song purchases. Now that is a deal one cannot overlook. Yes, there are a lot of us that have been hooked into the iPod, but there are still many more souls who are willing to try digital music with a different music player. With that kind of pricing, there really is no reason to hit the illegal file trading networks for music. What will Apple do? Do they have something up their sleeves?

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