Hilary Rosen Always Misled

may 12, 2005

Hilary Rosen (you know, the former leader of the evil RIAA who likes to sue 12-year olds) is complaining that it is inconvenient that her iPod cannot play DRM'd WMA files. Well, duh. If you wanted convenience, you would not have forced companies to use DRM (Digital Rights Management) on files. You should have let companies sell standard unencrypted files that can be used on any music player. She also mentions, "There are lots of places you can go for great music at good deals and with a deep catalog of songs from over the last 20 or 30 years. MSN.com, Rhapsody.com, aolmusic.com, even [evil]walmart.com." Yes, unfortunately, all of those stores use DRM'd WMA, which does not work on the iPod, why not ask them to open up their DRM for iPods to use? Oh, probably because they don't have 70% of the market. She then says, "Most every player device works at every one of these 'stores' and it is pretty easy to keep all the songs, no matter where you got them, in a single folder or "jukebox" on your computer." Yes, most other players that is not made by Apple seems to support the Microsoft DRM'd WMA files. Why not write an article, Ms. Rosen, asking Bill Gates to open up WMA for Apple iPods to play their files? She then pleads with Steve Jobs, "But keeping the iTunes system a proprietary technology to prevent anyone from using multiple (read Microsoft) music systems is the most anti-consumer and user unfriendly thing any god can do." So, if I read this correct, you are asking Steve Job's to back off, open up his industry leading iTunes+iPod platform to Bill Gates so that Gates can do what he does best: Copy, leech and then kill off competition? What happens then Ms. Rosen? Are you going to write an article complaining that WMA files? And one big question: Aren't DRM'd WMA files also a proprietary Microsoft technology? The mess that you are experiencing Ms. Rosen is a mess that you created by forcing companies to use DRM on music files. This mess that you seem to think is "cruel" is all your fault and the fault of the RIAA. If you don't like using the iTunes Music Store, go get a WMA player and enjoy your aolmusic or MSN or Rhapsody. Otherwise, shut up and stop whining, you created this whole mess.

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