Day 4

may 24, 2005

Well, this season of 24 was pretty good, better than season two and three. For a while, this season of 24 was actually better than season one. But, later in the season, it got bogged down by predictable situations, bad dialogue, and some illogical scenes. The whole Tony and Michelle thing was good at first, but then fell to cheap melodrama -- the lingering stares, the "come home safe" dialogue, and the "he died, but didn't" moment. The Chinese consulate thing seemed a bit cheezy, a plot device that really did not work well -- especially how it ended with the kidnapping. The character of President Logan, though consistent throughout his stay on screen, was a complete waste of time -- and felt like an easy way for the writers to bring David Palmer back into the show. The storyline with Tony being held hostage by the bad girl (Mia Kirshner) felt like filler material -- why, in a bad situation, would a professional killer like Kirshner's character take a hostage to slow her down when she could have just escaped unnoticed? The way that the nuclear missle was handled was very anti-climatic. And the faking death and walking into the sunrise ending for Jack Bauer was plain cheezy -- but, the only seeming way that the writers could have wrapped up the Chinese consulate storyline within an hour. But, taken as a whole season, it was still very entertaining and thrilling. The shortcuts taken at the end kind of spoiled some of the thrill, but nevertheless I was very entertained. 24 has been picked up for another two seasons, so we'll see how Jack Bauer will return to duty in the following days. I am glad that the producers chose to start the show as a mid-season show and have it run uninterupted. It looks like they will be taking the same strategy next season from the looks of the teaser that they tacked on after running the credits. I applaud them for this.

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