Received t68i

may 26, 2005

Well, when I got home last night, I was jazzed to get the t68i package -- since the postman usually dumps packages on our porch. I was a bit disappointed because the postman put a notice on the front door instead of putting the package, I am guessing since the package was insured that he could not as well just dump it on the front doorstep. I picked up the package this morning at the post office, but was a bit disappointed as I ripped open the box in the car. The listing for the phone said that it was in excellent condition and "like new". When I got the phone out of the packaging, I found that the slider button on the side of the phone was gone and no where inside of the packaging -- the seller had sold me a phone without a slider button. The phone itself works well and is in pretty good condition. The bottom has little pock marks that are telltale signs of a slide drop. Otherwise, it's in decent condition except for the missing slider! I have contacted the seller to get some sort of refund so that it would cover the $9 that I had to pay on Ebay to purchase the slider for replacement. I hope the seller is going to work with me on the deal because I hate giving negative ratings on Ebay.

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