Thoughts on t68i

may 27, 2005

First off: It is so old school that it feels somewhat cool. The screen is terrible compared with any modern phone: 256 colors at 100x80 or so pixels. Even my Motorola C650's screen looks gorgeous next to the t68i. The monophonic ringtones "sound old" according to my wife. The buttons and the battery on the thing seem a bit cheap. They move and slide all over the place. The "c" button has a stick problem and the joystick is a bit loose. It doesn't help that I still can't adjust the in-call volume because of the missing volume control slider (it is on its way from Hong Kong, should be here in like two weeks. Even with all of this, there is still an old-school coolness to the phone. It is light as hell and still looks like a cool phone (the curves on the t68i are much better than the straight lines on the T610 that I had a while back). I really like the Bluetooth, but am finding that I am not using it all that much. I may switch back to my Moto C650 for the time being until the volume control slider comes. Even after that, I may end up selling the t68i on Ebay or something, though it is a cool phone to keep around just because I have always wanted one. It is definitely a phone from the past though.

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