The Sith You Missed

june 2, 2005

This script is hilariously funny and illustrates the script that was not shot for Star Wars Revenge of the Sith.

Suddenly, IAN pulls out his LIGHTSABER. He moves toward the JEDI, pulls his arm back, aims at a Jedi, kills him, pulls his blade out, moves toward another, and slowly kills him too, all while SAMUEL L. MOTHERFUCKING JACKSON twirls his lightsaber around pointlessly behind them. Once only SAMUEL is left, they DUEL. IAN makes silly faces and is eventually beaten. HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN arrives. SAMUEL L. MOTHERFUCKING JACKSON Let me read to you from the book of Ezekiel for a-- Suddenly, IAN unleashes some force lightning on SAMUEL, which he absorbs into his lightsaber and somehow pushes back onto IAN, which causes him to grow old, apprently.

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