Apple and Intel Rumors Continue

june 4, 2005

The rumors of an Apple switch to Intel continue to fly. I can see the reasons why Apple would want to switch to Intel (mostly for the speed of the processors and amount of production capacity that Intel has). But, I can't see Apple switching since the last time Apple moved architectures (from 680x0 to PowerPC) they lost a lot of people. And with a traditionally tightly held OS like the MacOS, how is Apple going to control which Intel boxes the OS runs on? I think the rumors maybe true in some ways though: Maybe Apple and Intel aren't working on moving the MacOS to an x86 chip, rather maybe Apple has something else up their sleeves? Like a PDA or tablet of some sort that would use the Intel XScale processor? If, on Monday, Steve Jobs announces that Apple is switching to Intel and it will take until 2006 for the first low-end Macs to have the processors (and 2007 for the high-end), then I can see Mac sales drying up rather quickly as people wait for the new Intel-based machines -- and although people may think that Apple is making most of their money with their iPod/iTunes sales, most of their money still comes from their computers and OS sales. Why buy the past when you can wait for the future? I see this more as an Apple staged news rumor to get the spotlight -- which is what they do best -- on their WWDC which starts on Monday.

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