Don't Look Back

june 17, 2005

Last night, close co-workers took me out to an early good-bye dinner at Shiki Sushi (aka Seto Sushi on El Camino Real). We had lots of sushi, beer, saki, soju and most importantly, laughs. It was good to have one last dinner as a Sony guy with Hiro, Don, Satoshi, Tak, Dat, Hiroko and Neal. It was good to have laughs with everyone, to hear all the new stories that I had not heard before. I am sad that I am leaving Sony after six years, these people have become family to me and I will miss them all. Don told me, "Keep on moving forward and don't look back." No good-byes just yet, but in a few days, I'll be a "former Sony employee", but I'll always have memories of the experiences here at Sony and the dinner party last night will be one of the best ones.

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