More Windows in Mac

june 19, 2005

Over the last few weeks, I had been using Windows boxes more than Mac boxes. I still used my iBook from time to time and used my G4 at work also. But, a majority of my time was on my work VAIO and my personal VAIO. Now that I got my PowerBook G4 and started to use it more (thank goodness for a full-sized keyboard) I have noticed that I use more windows in OS X than I do in Windows. Which is a bit ironic to me. OS X is just so well organized and thought out that I can have multiple windows open without feeling cramped. In Windows, the maximize button just makes using windows not so useful anymore. You'll probably notice it also, Windows is more of a full-screen OS and OS X is more of a windows OS. My Dock in OS X stays about the same size no matter how many windows I have open -- it only grows with the number of apps I open. In Windows, the taskbar grows with each window that I open, so if I have three Firefox windows open, I'll get three little buttons on my taskbar. It grows exponentially and eventually the buttons become little squares that read "Fi.." and "In..". Beats me though, it just seems easier to work with more things at once with the Mac OS X than in Windows.

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