Turned Off Feedburner

june 30, 2005

I turned off Feedburner -- nothing that anyone will notice since I had a redirect to it. I just did not find any true value add to the service. The stats were nice, but I really did not get much out of them, did I really have 41 readers? I doubt it, I have much less, but that's what Feedburner reported. The Amazon ad splicing was kind of nice at first, but there's barely any impressions or clicks based on the ads -- and with Amazon, they don't pay you by the clicks. Amazon only pays when someone clicks and then buys. The Flickr splicing was actually really cool, but I don't upload pictures on a frequent enough basis to have that be useful. So, I will take over the syndication tasks again since I am a control freak and really did not like the idea of someone else handling the serving of my feed.

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