Public Relations People

july 8, 2005

Russell has a good post about PR people and the blogosphere. Basically, now that blogs are getting more mainstream, the noise ratio (at least for big bloggers) is going up as people try to pitch their products via email to bloggers. "Hey can you link to and promote my product on your website?" They will come asking out of no where. I admit, I haven't got that many of these PR pitches but, I have gotten a few scattered through the years that I have been blogging (and previoius when I was doing movie reviews). Unless the product is spectacularly good, I do not blog about them -- why promote something for someone in my blog space? I feel that if I find a product I like and I use it a lot, then I'll write about it here in my blog. It is a promotion for the product because I feel that the product is good enough to write about. On the flipside, if I find something that I spent money on and is really crap, that company will get a nasty post about their product here on the site. But, I don't do product promotions just because someone sends me an email -- or in one of the more extreme cases, posts a comment in my 30th birthday entry (she seemed sincere with an actual ecard and a comments post, but in her comments post she starts to promote her warez and I stripped that off. Come on, this is a post about my big 30th birthday, not about anything related to your product!) So, if you are a PR person reading this entry, get this into your head: Do not send me any press releases, promotions, or anything to do with your product. If it is in a comments post, I will delete it. If it is in email format, it will get deleted (and you will be permanently banned from my email server). Thanks.

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