Treo 600 vs. Sidekick II

july 9, 2005

I was going to do a Treo 600 vs. Sidekick II article and post it here on the blog, but it turned out to be a very long piece. So, I am going to leave it in my wiki since I'll probably be updating the article from time to time. If you want to see a semi-finished draft of it, it is here. I think I'll be "finished" with it soon, there's just a little bit left to add to it. If you don't want to wade through all of my writing, then here's the executive summary: The Treo 600 (I couldn't bring myself to splurge $600 on a Treo 650) is a much better machine than the Sidekick II for a number of reasons: Open platform with a large library of software, open platform that allows for anything to be installed, no reliance on an unreliable backend server, a phone that actually works, better RF performance, and expandability through its SDIO slot. There are some drawbacks to the Treo 600 also: Smaller keyboard, no instant messenging out-of-the-box, no push email out-of-the-box, no automatic mirroring/backup of data, and lower resolution screen. I did promise my wife that this would be my last phone purchase for a while. So don't expect anymore exciting new toy-phone postings in a while. I will continue to post about how I am customizing the Treo to my taste via software. I will make a "What's On My Treo" posting (much like my old "Software on my Tungsten T" posting). Anyways, enjoy the comparison article.

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