NY Times on DT and T-Mobile

july 11, 2005

Nothing really new in this article, but they do have some good analyst opinions on the rumors of DT sale of T-Mobile. Check out the article from NY Times about how T-Mobile is Deutsche Telekom's most profittable business. There are some interesting facts in the article such as "47 percent of its 18.3 million subscribers are between 13 and 34 years old, the highest such concentration among the major carriers." T-Mobile's users are also avid users of data services (which makes sense since T-Mobile offers such inexpensive data products). And lastly, T-Mobile seems to have a very lean operation, which makes it quite profitable and ready to compete. The only problem is that debt-laden DT will have to invest some $10 billion to upgrade the T-Mobile USA network for 3G services -- which may or may not attract more customers to T-Mobile. T-Mobile currently stands at about half the size of the other US GSM player, Cingular.

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