july 16, 2005

I am using Bloglines more often now because it has an excellent mobile site to go with the main site. Now I don't have to worry about an aggregator on my Powerbook at home synchronizing with my Windows PC at work. I also don't have to worry about sychronizing it all with my Treo, this is the biggest benefit. Being able to check out some feeds while waiting in line to pay for something is really cool. I can read news and have it all in one place. I tried My Yahoo!, which is also a nice aggregator, but I cannot seem to get the mobile version to have its cookie "stick" on my Treo (the Bloglines cookie sticks just fine). I have to log into the Yahoo! Mobile portal each time I visit if I want to acccess my personalized content (news feeds, Messenger, Mail, Weather, Stocks). I have to find out how to make that cookie work properly. Anyone have any experience?

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