We Value You, Now Get Out

july 19, 2005

Check out this ironic sign outside of HP. Does HP really value their employees? I don't know, but on a day where they have announced the restructuring of not only the company (cutting 14,500 people), but also the retirement plan (no more pension), it does not look like HP is following the old "HP Way" of doing business. The HP Way valued employees as much as it valued profits, I guess it is a new era for HP where profits come above employees. It is too bad that HP has to reduce itself to this. But, in a cut-throat world were Dell sells computers for lower and lower prices, this is the only way that HP can continue on. At least that is the excuse that HP can try to convince themselves with. If one looks at Apple, they can see the tremendous growth of Apple's computer sales through their iPod-halo. Apple has a small slice of the PC market, but they continue to grow at a tremendous rate. And they do so even with premium priced computers. Maybe cutting employees will help HP's bottom line now, but will it really help them in the future?

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