Dish Dead

july 21, 2005

My wife turned on the TV and found that the Dish DVR-522 was not putting out a picture. We rebooted the thing a couple of times, but still nothing. So, I gave Dish Network a call. The technician there ran through the troubleshooting book including: "Reboot it", "Is it plugged in?", "Move the power cord to a different socket", "Reboot it". Acko! The damned thing has the power light on, it won't turn off, it is not pumping out any signal, it is dead! Just replace it. To my horror (since Battlestar Galactica is running tomorrow night), he tells me that he is "sending a signal" to my DVR -- yea, a signal to a dead DVR -- and that I should "wait 45 minutes" before giving them a call. I asked if he could just go ahead and put in the order for a replacement since it'll take "three to five days" for them to mail the damn thing out to me. "No, I can't because if the thing comes on in 45 minutes, there is no way we can cancel the order for the replacement." What? In this day and age of cost cutting and penny pinching there is a company that has an order system where they cannot cancel orders? Unbelievable. For $10/mo more, I can get DirecTV with TiVo (not some hacked DVR like Dish). I will talk to the wife about that. Oh, and I just looked in my iCal and found that the Dish DVR-522 was installed exactly one year and one week ago. Yikes, thank goodness the thing is leased (they don't sell these things) instead of bought.

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