Looking for Unix geek

july 22, 2005

The team I work on is looking for a good Unix geek. Check it out here. The description:

The Ad Systems Production Engineering group of Yahoo! is looking for a motivated operations engineer to join our team. This team is responsible for the 24x7 technical support, monitoring and maintenance of critical, large-scale systems that comprise the Yahoo! Ad System. In addition to these tasks, the team is responsible for tool development that will aid in the automation of areas such as testing, monitoring and deployment of systems. The ideal candidate is a fast learner with a strong sense of responsibility and commitment. 3+ years of experience in the area of operations support or technical support is required. Use of Perl in the production environment and a strong background of UNIX(BSD) is also required. Previous experience in the area of UNIX system administration is a definite plus. Experience with Large Storage Systems, Databases or Backup Systems is also a big plus.
Send in your resume. Yahoo! is a great place to work, it is a cool job with lots to learn and do.

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