Windows Vista

july 23, 2005

Microsoft has officially changed the named of the next Windows from the development name of Longhorn over to Windows Vista. Call me a cynic, but can't Microsoft pick a better name? Longhorn has been in development for so long that the name "Vista" just conjures up negative images instead of positive ones. For Microsoft, they see the name Vista as creating mental images of grandness -- open views and crap like that. For me, it brings images of an OS that is still a ways off on the horizon. See the two people on the hill looking at the horizon on the official page? They are people who have been waiting for freaking ever for Microsoft to get this OS out the door. The problem that Microsoft has is not getting the OS out the door. The problem that Microsoft has is trying to convince people that they actually need to shell out the money to buy the OS. On top of that is that they need to convince the Windows install-base to upgrade their systems to be powerful enough to run the OS. Windows XP did not sell as well as Microsoft wanted, why? Because people and businesses were just fine running Windows 2000 -- it just works. Businesses won't upgrade because there needs to be substantial testing of the OS before they can put it into their environment. Home users (like my mom) will not do it because their current Windows install works fine, why pay to get an upgrade? Microsoft has a hard battle ahead of them for this OS. The hardcore people will definitely upgrade right away. New computers will have it installed. But, is that enough?

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