Minor Changes To The Site

july 24, 2005

I made minor changes to the site. I have reduced the number of posts displayed on the front page from ten to five. But, not to worry, I have added a "Read" section on the sidebar that lists the last 25 posts. I figured that would be a better way of listing posts for two reasons. First, I know from my logs that most people come to the site from either a news aggregator or from a search query. So, they will not be hitting the front page that much. Second, ten posts on the front page is about seven to ten days worth of posts, meaning that there's a lot of "old" stuff on the front page eating up bandwidth. And though bandwidth is not a big issue, I figure the page would look better if it there were less scrolling up and down -- especially for those people who stumble onto the site's front page. This helps also when people happen to get to the site from a search query which takes them to a catagory page instead of a post page. In catagory pages, they will have to sift through ten postings before. Now they can easily sift through five. And, I guess there were actually three reasons: When bots come around the index the catagory pages, it'll make for better indexing (less words on a page means that the bots will get a more accurate indexing, at least that's what I am guessing).

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