Hiring Binge

july 28, 2005

Business Week Online is running an interesting article on the current hiring binge at Yahoo! and Google. It looks like Yahoo! and Google are the places to be nowadays because the internet is part of everyone's lives. Tech talent is drawn to these positions where they can make an impact on the lives of millions of people. The article mentions lots of names of people who have been hired respectively at each company and discusses some of the perks of working at each company. This hiring binge is also causing much headache for smaller firms who have to compete for tech talent, but that is not all. Big companies like Microsoft also have to compete because they are no longer the tech talent magnet as they were years back. OS's are so yesterday when compared to internet search engines and portals. It is also interesting to note the fact that the author qualifies the hiring binge not as some sort of dot-com craziness, but as a genuine effort to building a talent pool to keep the companies at the "crest of innovation". "What's behind this talent raid? Another dot-com gold rush it's not. Eager investors already value these businesses at a combined $130 billion, up from about $63 billion last August when Google went public. That means the share prices reflect much of the companies' promise, suggesting stock options could be in for a slower climb from here." Interesting read.

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