Replaced Space Pen

july 29, 2005

I lost my silver Fisher Space Pen (my wife got me the pen for Christmas 2003) a few weeks ago! Since then, I have been using cheapie pens at work and carrying nothing with me. Whenever my wife and I go to the office supply stores (not often), I would look to see if they have Fisher Space Pens. The local Office Depot had the silver one, but I wanted to get the black version because it does not have the grip on the pen -- I loved the silver one, but the grip on the pen hurt my fingers after a while. While in Milpitas yesterday, my wife and I stopped by the Staples where she got me the original silver Fisher Space Pen and we found the black version! Yay! Now I have a Space Pen with me again. I think I'll forego getting the Writer's Edge leather pen pouch this time around (it was only $3) though. I have a review of the Space Pen at Epinions.

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