My Social Bookmarks

august 15, 2005

I was looking at some software that Russell posted about -- mainly diggclone, which is an Open Source implementation of Digg. Pretty cool software, still needs some work (I couldn't get it working because of a lot of hardcoding). Anyways, I was thinking, maybe I can try finding and getting some social bookmarking app working on ultramookie for my own personal use (probably in tandem with MyWeb 2.0; or maybe just as my bookmarking app and using Yahoo! Search as my search engine). I found Scuttle, which is an easy to install and easy to use piece of software. And I have set it up as umarks. If you want to use it to track your bookmarks, feel free. Otherwise, it'll just be me and my bookmarks. It comes with a nice pop-up bookmarklet for ease of use also.

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