Still No PSP 2.0 Firmware for North America

august 20, 2005

Last week, SCEA announced that they have postponed the release of the North American PSP 2.0 Firmware until "the week of August 15th". It is now Saturday and unless they release the firmware tomorrow, they will have slipped that schedule. Will we ever get the PSP 2.0 firmware? Probably. The original announcement was that there were no significant changes between the Japanese version -- which was released weeks ago -- and the North American version. What could Sony possibly be doing? My guess is that they have struck a deal with an Internet company maybe and are customizing the web browser. Or, maybe it is not so fancy and they are just trying to fix bugs that they found in the Japanese release. Well, hopefully they will get the release out soon -- I definitely won't be holding my breathe for a release tomorrow.

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