Perception Is Everything...

august 23, 2005

Perception is everything right? Yes, call me a Yahoo! zealot (Paul already did), but I am forming a new perception of Google. Ahem, let me step into my flame-retardant suit and get ready for a possible flaming: Google is not leading the industry with innovation anymore. They have become followers and catch-up kids. Evidence:

Yes, each and every product that has been released to catch-up has something unique about it (2GB mail, satellite photos, etc), but still it is all building up to a new perception of a kid that is trying to catch up with the rest of the big boys. Maybe I am wrong. What's next? Google Personals, Google Weather, Google Jobs, Google ISP, Google Auctions, Google Payments, Google Music, Google Autos, Google Sports, Google Games, or Google Music?

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