Flash-based iPod Minis

august 25, 2005

Apple has plans to release a flash-based iPod mini sometime soon. I am wondering what they will do to shake up the line-up. The 4G iPods are iconic already. The rainbow iPod minis are still pretty cool with their metal skins. And the iPod shuffle is now my favorite iPod of the whole iPod family. But, things have gotten a bit stale as of late. The color screens were a good addition to the iPod line, but there's nothing else new lately. I am pretty sure that Apple will add color screens to the flash-based iPod minis -- it will be easier to do since flash memory does not suck up batteries like a microdrive, so that extra juicy can go towards a colorful new LCD. But, will Apple change the form factor of the mini? I hope so, I hope they come up with some new rocking design for the mini with this switch to flash memory.

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