Xbox 360 Bundles...Are They Smoking Crack?

august 26, 2005

Here's the deal, if you want to pre-order your non-HD-DVD Xbox 360 from or, you better go to the bank to take out a small loan. Both companies are doing pre-orders on bundles only. What are the prices? EBgames will sell you an Xbox 360 Core (no HD-DVD, no HDD, no wireless controllers. Regular price $299) and four games (Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo, Dead or Alive 4 and Project Gotham Racing 3) for a mere $599.93!! If you want the regular Xbox 360 (HDD, wireless controllers, but no HD-DVD. Regular price $399), you'll have to cough up for the same four games at an oh-so affordable $699.92. Yea, but we can all shop around and pre-order somewhere else, like, right? Sure thing. You can get the Xbox 360 "Ultimate" bundle that comes with the Xbox 360 and eleven games for $1199.83 -- your savings for buying this bundle? Nothing! What are these stores doing? Are they smoking crack. Let me reiterate one thing about the initial release of the Xbox 360: It is obsolete. The initial release of the Xbox 360 will have a standard DVD drive inside. Microsoft has already formed a venture with Toshiba to put HD-DVD drives in future Xbox 360 units. Why would anyone want to put down $599.93, $699.92, or $1199.83 on a piece of obsolete hardware? I am going to wait until the HD-DVD version of the Xbox 360 gets released before buying my unit -- as a unit and not as a bundle, mind you. Anyone willing to pay those outrageous prices for a pre-order on an obsolete piece of hardware is out of their minds.

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