august 29, 2005

I had lunch with an old friend, Kazu. I worked with him many years ago at T-Zone (no, not the T-Mobile data stuff, but a Japanese computer retail store). He's a very cool dude and he's created Weird-7, a bi-pedal robot. He's currently selling the Weird-7 kit (available only in Japan, but feel free to import). During lunch, he showed me a demo of this thing and it is pretty cool. On his website you can find all the instructions (albeit in Japanese) on how to build one from scratch if you don't feel like importing the kit. All instructions and source code are available for you to play with. I think this is a much better toy than the Robosapien. They both walk in the same manner (by picking up their feet and shifting their weight), but the Weird-7 is infinitely more customizable than the Robosapien. Very cool robot!

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