WordPress Plugins

september 1, 2005

I couldn't let Russ have all the fun with WP-Plugins, so I went out and scouted out some of my own. But, before I did that, I added two that Russ had posted about. The first is BAStats, which is a pretty good stats tool for WordPress. It integrates quite well into the admin page and gives lots of options on statistics. It is pretty comprehensive, but I'll still keep ShortStat around also for site-wide statistics and an easy "glance" type view of all stats. Word Press Administration Design: Tiger is the second plugin that I tried from Russ' list. It's a long name for a simple plugin that makes the WordPress admin area look like a Mac OS X Tiger application. Check out the screenshots on their website -- it makes my admin area look just like Spotlight. This is a very cool plugin. I was perusing WordPress Plugins DB and found out that I was running an old version of Spam Karma for WordPress! So, I went ahead and installed Spam Karma 2 which works only with WordPress 1.5.1 or higher. And to help with my bad spelling, an AJAX spell checker.

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