Firefox Users: Add To Your Search Bar

september 3, 2005

If you visit, you'll find a link at the bottom of the page that will add the search "engine" to your Firefox. So, you can use from Firefox without having to come directly to the page. Everyone can argue till they are blue in the face about size of Yahoo!'s index compared to Google's -- and quality of search results between the two. Yes, I was a Google search user for the longest time until I joined Yahoo!. But, you know what? Ever since I joined Yahoo!, I have been using the Yahoo! search engine and have been pleasantly surprised by it -- especially since the new larger index has been released. Do I still go back to Google to do searches? Yes, but only to use their Google Groups search. Other than that, all of my searching is done via Yahoo! Search. Anyway, try to get the complete Yahoo! experience, or use to get all the great results of a Yahoo! search without the ads.

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