Stationary iPod

september 3, 2005

Hmm...I never thought this would be, but my 4G 40GB iPod is stationary now and my iPod shuffle travels. I am using the iPod plus a cradle in my home entertainment center instead of a huge CD changer, MP3 streaming set-top box, or some other music jukebox setup. It is actually quite a nice setup since I can have all the music I want in a small decorative white box next to my home theatre box (Sony DAV-FR9). Now, if only I had a remote for the iPod, that would make it all the much better. The regular iPod is a great machine, but after listening to my iPod shuffle and hearing the differences between the two, I prefer the shuffle over the regular iPod. I am just glad that the iPod found a new life as a home entertainment jukebox. I just sync it up with iTunes when I add music or a playlist, then I am ready to play music through the big speakers, which all sounds great. The shuffle being so small and convenient travels with me to work now (wrapped in its eXopod skin).

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