september 5, 2005

I picked up the latest issue of Official Playstation Magazine because the demo disc featured a demo of Burnout Revenge (aka. Burnout 4). I was hoping that the demo was of the new Traffic Attack mode, but it is not. It is a standard race with all the new stuff added. My favorites: Vertical Takedowns (jump a ramp and land on top of an opponent to take them out) and Crashbreakers! Crashbreakers are armed on the car all the time, so if you get taken out or crash, you can wait for that opportune moment to fire off the Crashbreaker and take out your opponents! Very cool. The graphics are upgraded from before, but not to the extent of when they went from Burnout 2 to Burnout 3. I can't wait to play Burnout Revenge on the PS2. But, I am really looking forward to getting Burnout Legends for my PSP, that looks like good entertainment to-go!

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