Saturn's Rings

september 6, 2005

Here are some new images released by the Cassini spacecraft group of Saturn's rings -- to coincident with the 37th annual meeting of the Division of Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society held in Cambridge, England. Some amazing pictures in the collection, including one of some mysterious objects inside of Saturn's rings. Theorized as possibly small moons in the rings, these objects are still a mystery to scientists. "Scientists have long suspected that small moons hiding among the ring's strands might be producing some of the unusual structure observed in the F ring. While the shepherd moon Prometheus is the main culprit behind the strange behavior of Saturn’s F ring, it cannot explain all observed features. The current dilemma facing scientists is that Cassini is detecting extended objects – like those pictured here – that may be either solid moons or just loose clumps of particles within the ring." There are a few animations also. The site is currently really slow, so be patient. I am sure there are thousands of other people also trying to access the site to see the pictures.

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