iPod Envy Kicks In Again...New iPods and iTunes...

september 7, 2005

Apple just released their iPod nano and I am sure people are going to to nuts for this. Go to the website and take a look at the thing, it looks pretty cool -- like a regular iPod got run over by a heavy truck (it's really thin). It looks small also. It has all the goodness of the iPod Clickwheel controls and a color screen to boot. It has 2GB or 4GB of flash memory so there are no internal moving parts. It looks like a nice compromise between iPod shuffle and the regular iPod. It even breaks the whole "iPods are white" mode by introducing a (non special U2) black version! Now that is cool. Of course, I could be just froathing at the mouth for the thing, but I am hesitant. I wonder if the sound quality of the iPod nano is like the iPod shuffle (good) or the regular iPod (not so good). Only time (and praises or complaints) will tell. Don't forget to upgrade your iTunes also, Apple just released version 5.

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