Business Purchases

september 9, 2005

I read last night about the purchase of IGN by News Corp., which was pretty surprising to me. The IGN purchase is the third .com purchase that News Corp. has done in recent months, it joins and Scout Media. It looks like News Corp. is really aiming for the 18-24 year old demographics with these purchases. But, it was this morning when I read about the purchase of PalmSource by Access that really had me floored. For those of you that don't know, Access is the Japanese company that makes the NetFront mobile browser. So? You may ask, what is the big deal about the NetFront browser? It is one of the best mobile browsers around. If you have a Treo, then you are using it daily (the Handspring Blazer browser is a renamed NetFront browser). If you have a PSP that is upgraded to the 2.0 firmware, you have the NetFront browser built-in now. NetFront is the best browser for Series-60 phones. I don't know what all this means for PalmSource, which is in the midst of a move to a Linux-based OS, but I hope it is all good.

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