Yahoo! Publisher Network Revenue

september 9, 2005

Hmm...The Terms Of Service for Yahoo! Publisher Network doesn't say that I can't say how much I have made through the program. But, I'll defer from that and just go with averages. Earlier when I was experimenting with Google AdSense, at the 15 day mark I had $2.11 in "revenue" from them. On day one at Yahoo! Publisher Network, I had that number beat. Not counting today's numbers, the average earnings per day for me (no laughing please) is $0.38. Yes, I won't be quiting my day job any time soon to be a professional blogger, but it is nice to have a little money coming in to pay for the electricity or whatnot. At AdSense, for the days that I actually ran ads on my blog, the daily average was $0.13. Keep in mind, for the AdSense experiment, I ran the ads on all of my pages, all of the time. For YPN, I am selectively running ads based on where people are coming from (based on referer). Only two days ago did I change this (now an ad runs between the article and the comments all the time, and other ads run selectively). Is this a scientific study? Not even close. For me, with YPN I am getting three times more earnings than with AdSense, that's all I know. I will keep everyone updated as I run YPN longer on the site. I think the next update will be when the page impressions with YPN matches what I had with AdSense (6,000). Right now YPN page impressions is at 1,500.

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