It's A Shotgun Baby!

september 13, 2005

I heard this song by The Outline while watching the preview for EA's Burnout Legends. The song is pretty damned cool (well, cool if you like the alt. rock kind of stuff). I was looking at Yahoo! Music Unlimited and iTunes, but had no luck finding it at either place. So, I turned to Yahoo! Audio Search and found a link to the group's site with a download, in WMA format and at only 128kbps. Not bad for a free song that I really wanted, but looking further at the group's site, I found that they were distributing the song here at purevolume. The song was encoded at a nice 192kbps and was in MP3 format. Fantastic! Many thanks to The Outline for distributing such a cool song. Here's my plug for the band who has produced such a catchy song. I can't seem to find their CD for sale yet, but I will certainly keep my out for it. Great stuff.

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