Yahoo! Mail Begins Testing Upgrades

september 14, 2005

Ok, part of the deal of working inside of Yahoo! is being able to see all the cool stuff before it is released. But, along with that, I have to keep my mouth shut about it all! Well, the news is out (finally) about the new Yahoo! Mail interface that I have been using for the last few weeks. The thing is seriously cool (screenshots here) and makes Gmail look absolutely "yesterday". The interface features three panes (just like Outlook) and tabs. Everything is drag and droppable, plus right-clicking works within the interface to bring up Yahoo! Mail specific contextual menus. The interface is beautiful and very functional. The beta testing for the new Yahoo! Mail interface has just started and according to a spokesperson, "It will be offered initially to heavy e-mail users in the United States and then be progressively offered to all Yahoo e-mail users over the next several months."

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