Burnout Fever

september 15, 2005

OK, I was at Fry's with my wife today and saw Burnout Revenge on sale for $38 (down from $50). I couldn't resist and picked it up for the PS2! Eileen and I played it for the last three hours! It is AWESOME. The new Traffic Attack is pretty fun. The new Crash mode is very different than what I am used to (good thing). And the whole feel of the game is so different -- the roads are more narrow and built for battling! Also, the tracks are no longer simple A-to-B types. There are shortcuts galore on these new tracks, which makes for a good balance of play -- do I go on the shortcut and avoid traffic, but don't get as much boost; or do I take the main route and battle it out while going against traffic? I am glad that EA picked up Criterion and the Burnout franchise because the whole game has a very slick and cool feel to it. Awesome game, even one-upping the new PSP version of Burnout!

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