Blogging as Therapy

september 16, 2005

Here is an interesting survey of 600 bloggers that showed:

One of the people intereviewed pointed out that blogging is a sort of "oral history" (wouldn't it actually be "written history"?) and that "There's no pressure to write about a particular subject or keep blogs maintained a certain way, and it's not necessarily a popularity contest." Thank goodness it's not a popularity contest! Hmm...I wonder why I blog? Do I want to be a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist? Nope. Do I do it to try to expose political information? Err. No. Self-esteem issues? I don't think so. If I blogged because of self-esteem issues, I would have stopped blogging a long time ago because I ain't winning no popularity contests with this blog (as my logs and stats tell me). Do I do it to stay on top of news and gossip? Not directly. I keep up with news and use the blog to share some of the more interesting stuff I find -- not the other way around. I guess I do it because, well, I like to write. Hrm. Sounds kind of boring if I put it that way. I must think of a more dramatic reason. Something that the sensationalistic news media can pick up on...I don't know, what would something like that be...
About 31 percent of bloggers said that, in times of high anxiety, instead of seeking any counseling, they either write in their blogs or read blogs of others facing similar issues
I guess I am not part of that 31 percent of bloggers. Though, I sometimes do rant like mad here. When I read that statement, I got an image of a lonely fat computer nerd packed away in his little apartment with soda cans, pizza boxes and candy bar wrappers strewn all over the place. Strange.

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