Burnout Problem

september 17, 2005

OK, I knew I would have this problem if I picked up both Burnout Revenge and Burnout Legends at the same time. In Revenge, you can "check" non-racing traffic (by hitting them from behind). In Legends, the rules are the same as the previous games -- you have to avoid all traffic. So, now that I am playing both at the same time, I am having problems in both. In Revenge, I swerve away from traffic, but shouldn't because I get extra points for checking traffic. In Legends, I am trying to smash into traffic, which is pretty bad because I lose races that way. Why couldn't Criterion have made traffic "check"able in Legends" (heh!) Only a minor problem with the games though, I think I'll get my brain wired correctly with a little more gameplay. Both games are spectacularly awesome for their respective consoles! (And for those of you who can't detect it, I am being facetious with this posting.)

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