Sony Day

september 21, 2005

Tomorrow is Sony Day. OK, it's not some official holiday or anything, but it is the day that new CEO Sir Howard Stringer comes out with a new plan to turn around Sony. It probably will not be an overnight turnaround, but I am hoping that Stringer keeps the job cuts to a minimum since Sony has been cutting jobs for the last two or three years. I had suggestions (as everyone else did) for Sir Howard earlier this year. None of them have been implemented by Sony, but one has been by Yahoo! (I suggested that Stringer open a music rental service with the price of $9.99/mo to undercut Napster. Yahoo! did better, they did a music rental service for $4.99/mo!) Well, we will all have to wait until tomorrow to see what grand visions Sir Howard Stringer has for Sony. One thing is for sure: Sony needs a massive change in order to get its brand and business back to where it was some five years ago.

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